Lab Work

SCC Scientific Glass Program Lookbook

A video lookbook is a collection of images paired with information to familiarize and introduce an audience to a specific collection, service or product. In an effort to further educate potential students on their scientific glass program, Salem Community College teamed up with us to create a video lookbook. Adding motion to their advertising campaign creates a richer experience and more efficient communication for potential students to learn about the degree programs.

This video lookbook will be used as both a pre-roll ad and a sponsored ad on Facebook and Instagram. Just like Google AdWords, the ad doesn’t have to be in front of everybody, just the people that might be interested in what it has to offer. We will be targeting Salem County residents who live within 15 miles of the college to bring awareness, publicity and brand buzz to SCC’s scientific glass program.

Client: Salem Community College
Production, Art Direction and Creative: Idea Lab Digital, LLC
Project: Video Lookbook