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Dazzling Business Card featuring Gold Foil

Most of business and marketing in this age is digital (and we’re all about it!), but the one thing that will never be outdated is the business card.

Networking is imperative for business and making connections in your field. Business cards keep it personal AND professional. You can make a lasting impact of your brand through preparedness of having that card on hand and respectability with the design of that card also. It’s a lot more than just an email and phone number on a piece of paper; it’s the initial feeling that a customer will receive of your brand giving you future credibility in the marketplace. That’s why we found it so important to redesign our business cards.

Instead of just creating a beautifully designed business card, we wanted to create a beautifully printed one as well. Metallic gold foil is a printing process used to add shine, dazzle, and eye catching craftsmanship. It’s done by using a heated die to adhere foil onto paper. This sets up apart as a brand from the competition.

It’s time to rise above your competition, and it starts with your business card.

Client: Idea Lab Digital
Art Direction / Creative: Idea Lab Digital, LLC
Print Production:
Project: Business Card Redesign and Print